UFC 124, Koscheck vs St Pierre and the Wildcard Boxing Gym

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KoscheckEye2 300x199 UFC 124, Koscheck vs St Pierre and the Wildcard Boxing GymI just watched the main event of UFC 124, Koscheck vs St Pierre. Another great effort from GSP, he loves to follow a game plan and he did so again to completely dominate. The commentators said he’d been to the Wildcard boxing gym for some Freddie Roach training and didn’t it show! He dominated by landing a lot of jabs and front leg round kicks to the inside of Koshcecks thigh.

The jab was impressive and really was a lot better than I remember GSP having previously. He stepped in with an angle and landed them with great rotation at hip and shoulder so they were always good stiff damaging strikes. Koshcheck’s eye was a right mess as testament. Once he was controlling the fight and the eye was closing GSP mixed it up a little with some drive hooks and regular ones to really close up the right eye.

For good measure he attacked it with some front hand superman jabs. He was comfortably able to make up the ground on Koshcheck and then duck and move back rapidly to avoid the big looping overhand right counter. To be fair Koshceck was able to ride the damage well enough although he did look a little hesitant, seeming keen to avoid as many jabs as he could. He also managed to cope with the leg kicks well even though his thigh was reddening up right from early on.

KoschecksEye 300x199 UFC 124, Koscheck vs St Pierre and the Wildcard Boxing GymI don’t watch any of the Ultimate Fighter stuff and don’t bother with the pre fight promotion interviews so missed out on all the trash talking from Koscheck but he certainly had it thrown back at him in the fight. He’ll have a lot to think about after this fight because he was well beaten. He couldn’t do anything with GSP in the wrestling, although he did manage to stuff almost all of the takedown attempts, which is a lot better than many of the previous challengers.

However, it was the stand up that he was outclassed in, by some distance. His ‘game’ was too limited for GSP who has benefited from his Wildcard Gym experience. Taking the angle to land the jab time after time is new for GSP, if memory serves. He always seemed to be a straight down the middle kind of fighter, with a much lesser jab. The greater body rotation and resulting greater power generation caused a lot of damage in this fight and will be a great weapon in the future.

If he does move up to face Anderson Silva it will be an interesting fight. Explosive GSP vs the exquisite timing of Silva, although the next fight for Silva will be on similar lines as he has to face Vitor Belfort, which promises to be a cracker. Against Silva though GSP may opt to fight him on the ground given the trouble Silva had in his last fight.

With his Freddie Roach training and ‘Wildcard Boxing’ GSP should be a handful for either Silva or Belfort, although quite different fighters either would be a good match up. Roach himself would be pretty interested as there will be no hanging onto the ‘zero’ as in the UFC the match-ups tend to happen.

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