Testing Cain Velasquez :- he fights with explosive power!

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UFC 121 Velasquez Lesnar – explosive power!

At UFC 121 in his Heavyweight world title f ight with Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez comletely dominated his opponent who was only in the fight for a brief moments. Once Lesnar was caught by Velasquez the fat lady was warming up, she was about to sing. His power has been evident before and was too much for Lesnar, whose bulk was never likely to be enough to see him through.

The following video (sorry about the advert) is from some Sports Science tests done before the fight, which illustrate Velasquez’s explosive power. The host of this brief show suggests that this power would more than compensate for the weight advantage Lesnar had over Velasquez, and so it proved.

In the lab Velasquez was able to generate huge amounts of power on the heavy bag – 2230 lbs – and this was from a front hand punch, assuming the one they show is the one they measure. More than any boxer they have measured! It’s really good to see that a wrestler has learned to punch effectively as all too often this is n’t the case.

It’s a great example of the whipping punch, which I have written about before. It’s a great example and shows the whipping action off the front leg in slow motion so the full sequence of movement throughout the body is illustrated. It’s all very well leanring to hit this way, that will get you so far. Once learned, the next stage is to be able to apply this explosively. Velasquez provides a great example in this video.

Then, of course, you have to be able to land the shot in a fight, Velasquez is capable of that too!

I like this use of science, admittedly it is for ESPN in this instance, but if  Cain were to return and measure the same shot he would be able to judge the effect of any training, objectively. Taking a baseline measure then testing against it later is a good idea for anyone doing any Martial Arts training. It is simply ridiculous to train hard in a way that is not effective, testing over time can help decide if a new method is benficial.

Cain Velasquez Fights with explosive power

It is no surprise that the tests showed Velasquez to have exceptional explosive power, it has been evident. If we look down the list of  Cain Velasquez fights there are plenty examples of his explosive power in action.The manner in which he dispatched Cheick Kongo was impressive as I thought Kongo would be too good.


The training clips and fight clips clearly illustrate that Cain Velasquez fights with explosive power. He is a great fighter to watch in order to see how this can be used in MMA, other combat sports, to dominate the opponent. Of course, in self defence it has it’s place to!

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