Adding the ‘Live’ to Rape Defence

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In the last post about rape defence I spoke about the need to ensure that the training of defence techniques involved a ‘live’ element. This is absolutely key and can be forgotten in these classes. Often the emphasis is on getting the hang of some kind of wrist lock or something else relatively easy but which misses the point. The point being that it might just no work in the real world!

Womens Self Defence

A good few years ago a now ex-girlfriend started attending some women’s self defence classes held by a Muay Thai instructor. The class invovled a few techniques which were practised but also had a rather interesting ‘live’ section at the end. This involved the instructor getting dressed up in armour and letting them beat him up. Excellent stuff. She said it was great fun and he didn’t get hurt.

self defence for women2 Adding the Live to Rape Defence From my experience of women only classes there does tend to be a bit of ‘messing around’. That’s not to say that all women are hopeless at martial arts, far from it, I have some excellent ladies in my club and have met many others elsewhere. Rather in the setting of a ladies only martial arts class there can be a fair amount of daftness. I’m ok with this so long as there is some good training going on.

I myself have allowed women at these classes to go flat out at me with boxing gloves on, the trouble being that it can be difficult for people to get over the hurdle of hurting someone. Or more precisely, potentially hurting someone. I like to think that I could manage to cover most of the blows from attendees of these classes but if I had full armour on they would probably have been more comfortable in trying to hit me properly. As an aside the women in my classes tend to quite enjoy hitting me!

Rape Defence

In terms of effective rape defence and any general self defence for women, or men for that matter, the ‘live’ part has to be included. Dressing up in armour and letting the beginner kick the sh*t out of you is a reasonable way to overcome the social barrier of hitting someone. Of course, this is only a starting point but at least it is a starting point.

My ex-girlfriend was actually able to use some of the techniques she had learned when being affronted in a lift (elevator) by her boss. He was a particularly slimey toad and she was able to get him off her and provide him with the benefit of kneeing him in the genitals. She said he was quite shocked!

Becoming ‘live’

self defence for women Adding the Live to Rape Defence Something that we did at home was for me to try to take her jeans off while she fought me. This was a great little drill and really got her to ‘fight for her life’. While not suitable for your average dojo the essence of the drill could be adopted, perhaps the goal could be to remove the victims belt or something while fighting the attacker off and geting to her feet. Something like that would add a little meat to the bones of a womens self defence class.

While actually learning some self defence techniques is useful ensuring that there is some training time dedicated to developing the ‘fight for your life’ temperament is essential testing skills ‘live’ is key to this. For rape defence tactics and techniques to have a chance of being applied to a real situation ‘live’ should be included and is essential for both female self defence and regular martial arts training.

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